87% of marketers said that personalisation has led to more interactions with customers and increased website traffic.*

*Researchscape International, 2018 Trends In Personalisation.

Make a personal connection

Personalised communications are instantly engaging. We all know that we’re more likely to open an email when our first name appears in the subject line, but found that personalisation has also become a big trend in frontline customer service. To improve their brand perception, big brands like Odeon cinemas are learning to tailor their responses:

We’ve moved away from rigid customer service templates and it’s now more about having that personal connection with a guest and making it more memorable. On live chat, we have Odeon hero names as we try to relate a lot of our communications to the film industry.

Carl Hollins, Guest Experience Manager, Odeon

*Source: Bakergoodchild – Improve your ROI with direct mail personalisation
** Source: Orlo – Customer experience personalisation

98% of marketers agree that personalisation helps advance customer relationships*

Researchscape International, 2018 Trends In Personalisation

Personalisation is the new normal

In research from 2018, 74% of marketers surveyed stated that, as well as advancing customer relationships, personalisation has a “strong” or “extreme” impact. Exactly what you’d expect perhaps… but what was much more surprising, was the fact that 9 out of 10 marketers said that their customers and prospects now expect a personalised experience.

And if you want to meet those expectations when targeting decision makers, digital communications aren’t the only thing in your toolbox. Thanks to the latest innovations in printing technology, highly personalised direct mail is now a cost-effective option. Every single item you send can be different – with content that is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual you are targeting.

51% of organisations believe personalisation increases conversion rates+

*Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2013 in The Private Life of Mail.

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