Obvious we know but….

Stamps are small pieces of adhesive paper that are manually placed onto letters and envelopes. These stamps are used to show the post office proof of pre-payment of the delivery fee for each mail piece. Businesses often use stamps with their franking machines and in-house mailrooms.

Are stamps the right fit for you? 

Stamps are great for smaller and one-off mailings, but stamps may not be the best way for larger quantities of mail.  

Time consuming 

Stamps need to be manually placed on each envelope, and if you’re handling large volumes of mail, this can become very time-consuming for your business, not to mention the frequent trips to the mailbox or post office. 

Opting for our Hybrid Mail service will help free up your staff’s precious time by simply handing over the printing, packaging and posting processes to us. 

Cost ineffective 

If your business sends out a large volume of mail, then stamps may not be the most cost-effective postal method. Buying large quantities of stamps can be expensive. That’s why instead, our Hybrid Mail solution allows you to send large volumes of mail online with savings up to 35% compared to stamps.  

Stamps vs Hybrid Mail

Stamps are a traditional approach to mail and are typically used with franking machines that can be difficult and expensive to set up, arrange and use. That’s why we offer businesses a more straightforward and efficient way to send mail, known as Hybrid Mail, which is quicker and easier to set up.

Steps required to use postage stamps

  1. Choose your ideal stamps
  2. Regularly buy your stamps
  3. Buy postage paper, ink and envelopes
  4. Print mail documents with a franking machine
  5. Load each envelope and apply stamps
  6. Deliver mail at the post office or a post box

Steps required to start sending through Hybrid Mail

  1. Upload your template & letter
  2. Upload CSV recipients
  3. Click send to release mail

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