The UK’s First & Largest Hybrid Mail Provider.

A desktop printer on overdrive, to put it simply. Print & mail your items straight from your computer. It’s fast, secure, and accessible in a variety of ways that meet banking grade security. Your organisation can save up to 50% on existing mailing methods by using hybrid mail services.

How does Hybrid Mail work?

You may streamline your mail processes more quickly than ever before with the help of our Hybrid Mail solutions.


Create your document in your preferred application. Send you composed document straight from word or create a PDF.


Choose between premium and standard delivery, colour or mono. Once you’re happy and configured your mail click send.


Your items are collated and sorted ready for their last mile. Royal Mail takes your communications to its final destination.

Online portal, print driver, Autolink, SFTP and API are the five potential submission mechanisms. Use a single provider or a variety of them to print and post your mail communications. Our software is adaptable, dependable, and secure.

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail enables you to send letters to any postal address via the imail comms Hybrid Mail service, to put it simply. Our Hybrid Mail solution is user-friendly, secure, and backed by a knowledgeable, committed workforce. Simply upload your data list and documents, hit send, and we’ll print, complete, and mail your orders.

We offer a flexible solution to fit your needs, whether they are daily, weekly, or sporadic. You can send personalised mail to your consumers at the touch of a button with our Hybrid Mail solution since it is quick to set up and easy to use.

Business Mail

With imail comms, you can make routine business mail more productive for you while saving money.

Speak to our business mail team.

All businesses must connect with their customers, and one way to do so is by mail. Businesses and their clients benefit from receiving business mail, which includes bills, invoices, appointments, customer service updates, and administrative information. It greatly improves consumer experience, which benefits a company’s bottom line.

Benefits of mail and research

  • 43% of business mail influences consumer behaviour, including online activity, social interaction, and purchasing decisions.
  • Business mail has an impact that lasts. 99% of it is utilised in some capacity. It is accessed, read, distributed, and debated.
  • Consumers report having 71% faith in mail.
  • Consumers desire the option of digital and mail communications from brands, according to 83% of respondents.
  • Customers prefer to receive private or sensitive information by mail.
  • Reducing branch visits, call volume, and expensive missed appointments is made possible via

Cut through the digital noise

Banking & Financial Services

Variable data can be used to set up and populate timely workflows and critical communications. allowing you to distribute personalised essential communications.

Mortgage Offer | Statements | Overdraft

Parking & Tolls

The amount you can charge for a penalty is now limited by government legislation. As a result, having access to a communication system that optimises your letters is critical.

PCN Letter | TCN Letter | Appeals | LBA’s

Local Government

Proud G-Cloud 13 supplier and Crown Commercial Services. We work with local authorities across the UK to deliver sensitive and everyday communications UK wide.

Electoral Roll | Council Tax | Housing

Insurance & Law

Utilise your current data to deliver insurance documentation and renewal letters without the need for human participation. Utilise API or STFP integration to populate your communications.

Renewal Documents | Legal | Hard Copies


When physical mail is utilised for communication, both patient response and two-way dialogue dramatically improve. The most reliable mode of communication is mail.

Appointment Reminder | Patient | Updates

Debt Collection

Physical mail has an open rate that is well within the 90% range. Hybrid mail always delivers and encourages action if you want a letter to be read and taken into consideration.

Statements | Reminders | Debt Collection