Many organisations are well versed with both direct mail and email campaigns, but often each marketing channel has been used alone, rather than together. By joining direct mail marketing with digital strategies, your business can maximise the strengths and lower each channel’s limitations. Rather than thinking of the two channels as separate, combining both types of marketing channels enables your business to experience the benefits of both strategies, all at once.

Digital campaigns, in particular emails, have been seen as a quick and useful way to reach customers cheaply. Even though this is still the case, almost every brand sends out promotional emails, meaning the average person receives around 121 emails per day. This is a lot for anybody, and it can easily mean that recipients just can’t thoroughly read and understand every email they receive, that’s where direct mail comes in.

How significant is direct mail?

Receiving and opening mail is a joy shared by majority households; the excitement and curiosity of what awaits inside the envelope or package. Direct mail is considered a more trustworthy communication medium, as physical mail has lower “junk” and “spam” mail than email.

Taking the time to create and send direct mail campaigns to customers shows that you care not only about them but that their opinion is of significance to your business. 57% of consumers feel valued when receiving mail, meaning brands can create a strong and loyal relationship with their target audience.

Reaching customers on the most convenient platform shows that you are a brand with integrity. But utilising mail in your campaign not only serves your customers but can also generate extremely positive results for your business. Often, with emails, it is effortless for users to delete half of their emails within just 5 minutes, meaning its very unlikely that your audience is actually processing your campaigns, let alone referring back to them later on.

On the other hand, direct mail cannot be deleted with a click of a button; instead, almost all mail is either read or scanned every day, 81% to be exact. These high open rates mean that consumers are more likely to remember your brand and refer back to the letters at any given moment, encouraging more brand awareness.

Combining digital with the physical

Even though continually receiving marketing emails can become irritating, it is essential to remember that 99% of consumers check their email every day, meaning that this is a great way to update your consumers. It is important to remember that not all customers are the same, sometimes it is more effective to create relevant leads via email and other times through mail. Sensitive material is usually best communicated via a trust-worthy channel such as direct mail. Still, businesses don’t always need to send confidential documents, that’s why combining both digital and direct marketing is the top way to achieve the most out of your campaigns.