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Who do I contact with a sales, service or technical issue?2021-09-06T11:41:36+00:00

Please complete the contact form or email us directly at

What happens to mail that cannot be delivered?2021-09-06T11:41:15+00:00

Undelivered or returned items are sent to UK Mail’s returns management centre, where they are scanned on receipt. A PDF of returned items can then be viewed on the web portal within the ‘My Reports’ section of Account Admin. Returned mail items are then securely destroyed.

What are the design specifications for artwork?2021-09-06T11:40:56+00:00

You can download the full design specifications here.

What is the address block line limit?2021-09-06T11:40:30+00:00

In line with Royal Mail specifications, imail items have a maximum of seven address lines.

How can addresses be validated?2021-09-06T11:39:40+00:00

The imail data portal provides a number of useful validation tools, including postcode checking, address cleansing, database cleansing, de-duplicating and data suppression. imail can even append databases with telephone numbers and emails to enhance your data quality.

Can I add an insert to my mailing?2021-09-06T11:39:14+00:00

Yes. When creating a letter mailing, you can attach an A4 PDF copy of the insert, which will be printed along with the letter and inserted as one combined mail piece.

How can I view my mailing once posted?2021-09-06T11:38:21+00:00

imail stores mail items for 60 days and they are viewable within the ‘My Archive’ section of the Account Admin area.

How secure is my data when using imail?2021-09-06T11:37:52+00:00

imail uses 256-bit SSL security as standard. Each user is username and password protected. All documents are securely encrypted before being sent from your computer to the imail print location where insertion and sortation is effected by state of the art equipment.

Does imail use eco-friendly paper?2022-02-23T15:49:29+00:00

Letters and envelopes are fully recyclable

Does using imail affect my carbon footprint?2021-09-06T11:29:26+00:00

Yes, in fact, imail reduces your carbon footprint by up to 80%. imail eliminates the need to collect physical mail items and route them to a sorting office, saving on unnecessary mileage and reducing overall emissions. imail customers also cut back on transportation of stationery and consumable stocks to their offices.

Can I send international mail?2021-09-06T11:27:48+00:00

Not yet, but we are currently developing our international imail service.

How can I get a Business Reply Envelope (BRE) returns service?2021-09-06T11:27:27+00:00

To ensure imail users benefit from the latest cut-off times available for a service of this type, we are unable to insert separate BREs into mailings. Many imail users utilise their email address, web site, telephone number and ‘Quick Response’ 2D barcodes to gain an immediate response from campaigns. This avoids the cost and time associated with managing a Business Reply envelope process.

What happens when my mail cannot be delivered?2021-09-06T11:27:02+00:00

All imail envelopes carry a UK Mail central return address. We then scan the barcode of the returned item, which automatically sends an electronic copy of the letter to the originator. These can be viewed in My Reports in the Accounts Admin area of the imail interface. Just select the returned report icon. The returned physical mail items are securely disposed of by UK Mail.

Do imail items get delivered at weekends and bank holidays?2021-09-06T11:26:43+00:00

imail items are delivered from Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays.

How does my mail get delivered?2021-09-06T11:26:24+00:00

imail prints and mails all items, then hands it over directly to Royal Mail for final mile doorstep delivery.

When does my mail get delivered?2021-09-06T11:26:06+00:00

With iMail, your mail will be delivered on a standard or premium delivery. Please refer to service specification for full detail.

What print quality can I expect?2021-09-06T11:18:21+00:00

imail uses the same high-specification commercial printers in all of its nationwide print centres. These are regularly calibrated, ensuring quality and consistent print finish that you can rely on, wherever your mail is printed.

What print options are available?2021-09-06T11:17:57+00:00

All mailings can be output as mono (black ink only) or full colour and can be single-sided or double-sided (duplex printing). imail users also benefit from advanced document solutions, including barcoding and Optical Mark Recognition systems which ensure complete mail integrity.

What paper stock is used?2021-12-17T09:46:35+00:00

For letters, imail comms uses 90gsm plain white A4, 100% recyclable paper and C5 windowed 90gsm envelopes. imail comms uses up to, 300gsm A5 card for postcards. Each postcard is laminated.

How do I know my mail has been received and posted?2021-09-06T11:16:22+00:00

Once you have completed your mail and sent it, you will receive on-screen confirmation. The sent order will also be visible in the My Archive area of your imail interface. For any pre-scheduled, mailings you will automatically receive a confirmation email that your mail has been successfully processed.

Can I view my mail before posting?2021-09-06T11:15:55+00:00

Yes. imail provides you with an instant PDF proof of your mailing, showing the body of the document, as well as the positioning of the address block and return barcode. The PDF can be printed locally for a physical copy for your records or it can be stored electronically on your computer.

Do I have to send my mailings once they are written?2021-09-06T11:15:30+00:00

No, you don’t. imail is very flexible and allows you to draft mail, letters or cards that can be amended before being sent out. Alternatively, your addressed documents can be held as pending and, once approved by the administrator, sent at a time convenient to you. You can even schedule mailings in advance, so you can pre-book your regular mailings as far ahead as you want to; a great feature that allows you to plan multiple campaigns when it’s most convenient for you.

Can I use imail for mailshots?