31% of shoppers who abandon a cart will return to purchase the same item at a later date on the same website*

*Royal Mail Delivery Matters UK 2019

Cut through with programmatic mail

Abandoned baskets aren’t going away any time soon. But the good news is that there’s a cost-effective way to cut through the plethora of email messages that consumers typically receive after abandoning their baskets.

Programmatic mail is direct mail triggered by a customer action. By using data from your web site you can create highly personalised direct mail pieces which can be delivered to your existing customers’ doorsteps. And by building on these existing relationships you can make recipients feel more valued and more likely to respond.

70% of people say that mail, rather than email, gives them a better impression of a company*

Royal Mail MarketReach, Mail in Uncertain Times, TNS 2017

Automation saves you time and money

Programmatic mail is automated to be triggered by your customers’ actions, for example when they abandon a basket. And because the mail can land the very next day you can even include an offer to encourage them to complete their transaction. Best of all, there are no minimum volumes as mail pieces can be digitally printed on demand.

Direct mail has a response rate 30 times that of email*

*DMA – Analysis of transactional data provided by Bizo and Epsilon.

Personalisation drives sales conversions and improves ROI

The great thing about programmatic mail is that it is guaranteed to be relevant. Why? Because recipients who have abandoned a basket have shown that they are already interested in your products. You can build on that engagement with pertinent, personalised messaging to maximise sales conversion and ROI.

98% of marketers agree that personalisation helps advance
customer relationships*

*Researchscape International, 2018 Trends In Personalisation

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