Housing Associations

Housing Associations are independent, not-for-profit organisations that provide social housing for those in need. These Housing Associations manage rental housing which are owned by the housing associations – this is also referred to as ‘Social Housing’. Such associations are also known as ‘registered social landlords’ or ‘private registered providers of social housing’ that provide houses for rent and sometimes offer shared-ownership schemes for the vulnerable.

Making full use of Digital Communications

In the hectic world of housing and the high demand for UK population needing to be placed in to housing, time is very essential. At UK Mail – DHL , we offer a range of solutions that can be used across various divisions within the housing sector market. Whether it be bulk mail, or payment reminders, UK Mail have a cohesive, efficient solution for everyone that is not only has reliable deliveries, but also is clutter-free.

Recognise what Digital Communications can do for you

We offer housing associations a virtual print driver for fragmented correspondences, or our bulk mail feature, SFTP, to send important documents in a timely manner.

Tenants who reside in the properties that belong to the housing association pay rent and are often subject to arrears and are often chased by housing associations to pay the outstanding balances. At UK Mail, our systems can be used to process rent arrear letters, rent statements and outstanding payments via our platforms, to allow easier access to data and information, enabling more efficiency within housing associations.

When communicating with tenants, it is important that Housing Associations having a coherent communications system in place to efficiently notify tenants of any events. Such as during maintenance work, it is necessary that Housing Associations inform tenants to be aware of works being carried out on the premises, which will require critical documents. These documents, such as GAS and Plumbing certificates, and maintenance work notifications, need to be sent and delivered to tenants without any mistakes or delays.

Our web platform can also be utilised to process postcards for collections, from the comfort of your own home.

This is why you must consider Digitalised Communications

Seamless communications within Housing Associations is crucial to remaining productive and prosperous. As most Housing Associations are “not for profit” organisations, with the use of UK Mail Hybrid Solution, Housing Associations can significantly drive down their costs and expenditures when sending crucial documents.

With our affective, digital communications solutions, critical documents can be sent in a timely and secure manner, which allows rents and outstanding payments to be communicated and payed quicker.

Free up time and efforts by removing the time and resources needed to send out important documents, which will in turn enable Housing Association personnel’s to focus more on core business objectives and goals set out.

Crown Commercial Services

If you or your organisation are looking for a solution for your transactional mail requirements, the CCS framework is a great direction to take.

All public sector organisations are given the flexibility to source a fully managed, end-to-end digital mail solution. This solution can include; storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch & scanning. The CCS framework offers an easy and efficient way to a straightforward route to market with pre-approved suppliers.

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