1st January 2023: Royal mail no longer accept mail from standard machines!


This is why you’re losing money on your Franking Machine!

We look at the possibility that a franking machine is costing you more than you thought. We will also go over potential alternatives and modifications to new regulations that you might be interested in!

What’s inside?

  • Who champions Franking Machines?
  • Flaws of a Franking Machine
  • The true cost of sending one letter! (It will blow your mind)
  • Important changes for Franking Machine users
  • Whitepaper - Is it time to ditch your Franking Machine_Page_01
  • Contents for Whitepaper
  • Champions Franking Machines
  • 3x more than gold
  • hybrid mail case study
  • franking machine alternative
  • important changes to your franking machine

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What our customers are saying…

Global Health Organisation

“Using imail comms for our printing of marketing literature and pet owner reminders means that the items produced are beautiful, impactful and high quality, and this increases the shelf life within a recipient’s home or office.”

Global Animal Health Organisation

Coventry Building Society

“Using imail comms has considerably reduced our outgoing mail costs, whilst providing a like-for-like service.”

Dean Ashby
Coventry Building Society

Bridgend County Borough Council

“We have always found the service to be efficient and reliable.  imail comms really understand our business and priorities around year-end mailing and helps us achieve them.”

Howard Lazarus
Bridgend County Borough Council

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