Mail Collection

Having an in-house mailroom means that your business will be processing and sorting your mail manually. But, instead of having to go to the post box or post office, your business can opt for a postal collection service that will collect and mail all of your parcels for you.

Is mail collection the best solution for your business? 


Whether you’re using a franking machine or any other in-house mailing system, for each piece of mail you’d like to send out, your staff will have to create, print and pack each parcel and then hand it over to your collection provider.  

Processing and sorting mail by hand can consume a lot of time. Businesses can instead opt for our online Hybrid Mail solution that allows you to hand over the time-consuming task of printing, packing, and mailing over to us—saving you and your staff precious time. 

Risk of human errors

Before mail can be collected, it must be manually processed, printed and packed, creating the risk of human errors. Anything from packing errors to misplacing mail can be damaging for businesses, especially when sending critical and confidential mail. 

Our completely digital Hybrid Mail solution eliminates any risks of human errors by allowing users to send mail in a secure online environment. 


Sending large volumes of mail via collection services usually come with a high price tag, along with fixed collection rates. In comparison, our Hybrid Mail service has no setup charges and can save you up to 35% compared to other postal methods. 


Choosing a specific collection day of the week that all mail must be ready to be collected can quickly become inconvenient, especially if more essential tasks arise for your staff.  

With Hybrid Mail, your business can send mail at any time from anywhere, all you’d need is your mail document an internet connection, and you’re good to go. 

Collection vs Hybrid Mail 

Arranging for mail collection is excellent for small mail volumes or one-off parcels, but for large, continuous mail, having an in-house mailroom, a franking machine, and a collection service can become a very long-winded and complicated process.  

Our Hybrid Mail solution simplifies the mailing process and allows you to focus on more important tasks by handing over everything from print, packing and postage to us. 

Steps required to use postage stamps

  1. Have your own in-house mailroom
  2. Buy postage paper, ink and envelopes
  3. Print mail documents with a franking machine
  4. Manually sort mail documents into packaging in-time for collection
  5. Hand over mail to your chosen collection provider

Steps required to start sending through Hybrid Mail

  1. Upload your template & letter
  2. Upload CSV recipients
  3. Click send to release mail

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