Online (Website) User Guide

Simple Guide

Step One

Create your Mail – express mail intuitive toolbar allows you to create letters or cards ready for mailing in just a few clicks.

  • Select ‘New’ and choose whether
    to create a card or letter mailing
  • Access previously created
    templates by clicking ‘Open’.
  • Or if you already have a Word
    or PDF item ready to mail, jump
    straight to ‘Upload print-ready item’
    and follow the instructions.

Step Two

Add your addresses – the toolbar will now allow you to enter a single address, select multiple addresses or buy new addresses

At this stage, the toolbar transforms into a complete address management system allowing you to upload a single, or, multiple addresses.

Select the appropriate option then follow the on-screen instructions.

Do you have a great mail piece but no mailing
list to go with it?

Then select ‘Buy Addresses’ to purchase quality
data within a targeted postcode area.

Step 3

Preview and Post – your last chance for one
final review before posting.

Ready to mail?

  • Ensure you thoroughly check the preview
    and post screen – what you see on the
    the screen is what will be sent to the local
    express mail centre for printing.
  • If you’ve created a mail-merge (multi-letter)
    mailing you’ll be presented with three
    previews (first, middle and last).
  • Opt for full-colour or a black and white letter
    by selecting the relevant service on the
  • Finally, select whether you want to send your mailer as ‘standard’ or ‘premium’

A total cost for the complete print and
posting of this mailing is detailed on the right-hand side. If it’s now good to go simply click ‘Post the Mailer’ and leave the rest to us.