Direct Mail

Direct mail is a fantastic method of communication. How so? It is delivered directly to its audience in its physical form. A trusted medium over email marketing, with 87% of people considering it more believable. Direct mail is highly targeted for its recipients, so trust us when we say it gets results. Direct mail matters more than ever.

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TOP UP // PAYP (Pay As You Post)

Choose your preferred payment method. Pay As You Post means you only pay for the letters you send when you post them. Top-Up allows you to credit your account and money is drawn from your balance. The choice is yours…

From 54p / per letter

From 61p / per postcard

  • No minimum spend

  • No monthly commitment

  • Unlimited users

  • Mail tracking & analytics

  • Royal Mail delivery

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Summarising key features

  • Upload & store your own letterheads
  • Release post until 18:00*

  • 3x number of attachments per envelope

  • 30 day post archives (Extendable on request)

  • Customer support available on both phone & email

  • Automation workflows available**

*2nd class post only. Cut off for 1st class post is 15:00

**Folder configuration is only available of Autolink and API integrations


Direct Mail generates around X5 times the number of opportunities.

Source: JIC Mail


31% of Direct Mail drives commercial actions.

Source: JIC Mail


70% of consumers say Direct Mail makes them feel more valued.

Source: JIC Mail


Direct Mail is interacted with 4.2x times on average.

Source: JIC Mail

Direct Mail made easier with Hybrid Mail

Get the very best out of your Direct Marketing campaigns. imail comms, hybrid mail solution, provides you with 4 simple ways in which you can send Direct Mail. Our Hybrid mail products enable you to go from a digital file to a physical piece of mail in a few simple steps.

Introducing Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail Options

We have 4 submission methods that you can utilise to send Direct Mail & Business Mail. Online, Print Client, Autolink and for complete automation API. We have developed a range of Hybrid Mail solutions that will ensure that you can use one or multiple services depending on your business objectives.

What is Hybrid Mail?

Method 1: Online

– Cloud Based –

Send a letter or marketing postcard online within 24 hours of registering your details. Choose between a Top-up & PAYP account.

  • Mail tracking & analytics

  • No set-up fees*

  • Support Word & PDF doc types

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Method 2: Print Client

– Desktop Based –

Install our software on your computer and send your documents straight out of your word composer.

  • No monthly subscriptions

  • No set-up fees*

  • Support Word & PDF doc types

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Method 3: Autolink

– Desktop Based –

Download our software today and we’ll arrange a demo call with our support team, who can talk you through Autolink.

  • Pre-agreed folder instructions

  • Fully encrypted data transfer

  • Support Word & PDF doc types

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Method 4

Build. Launch. Grow.

The imail comms API is a custom build platform for sending mail directly to your recipients. We tailor this solution specifically for your usage and link directly to our servers, streamlining your mail requirements for hassle-free, uncomplicated mailing. Empower your developer team and create a developer account today.

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Developer Account

A custom integration

  • Customise your connection that is tailored to your business needs

  • Get over to imail comms and request your API key by signing up for an account today. This will increase the available API’s expanding your functionality.

  • Get started quickly. Our support team are on hand to give you a live demo.

Get your API Key

Scale your business with our easy to use API.

An API connection will automate and connect seamlessly with your own platforms. Giving you time back to focus on areas in which you can improve customer experience.

Open API for developers. Powerful automation for marketers.

We’ve created an extensive range of open API’s which will enable your IT team to customise in a way that suits your business.

The world is your oyster!

Our extensive range of API’s makes it simple for you to integrate our system into your chosen platforms. Our support team are on hand to help should you need any guidance.

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Did anyone tell you? QR Codes got a boost!

QR codes used to be clunky to use. In order to view the digital interaction you was required to download an app or open an app that you didn’t use very often.

Smart phones have come a long way and it’s now possible to open your camera and show it a QR code and instantly be taken to the relevant digital advertisement.

Blog: Power of Direct Mail

Combining online with offline marketing

It is important that you attribute spend to a chosen channel of communication. We understand that direct mail is harder (not impossible) to track the success.

To produce a successful offline marketing campaign, your digital call-to-actions need to be considered with precision. There are number of ways to do this to ensure you control the funnel that your customers take in order to interact with your business.

Blog: Combine digital with the physical

Comparing the alternatives

Hybrid Mail Franking Stamps
Quarterly Lease Cost No Yes No
Maintenance Costs No Yes No
Ink Costs No Yes Yes
Purchase Envelopes No Yes Yes
Consumables No Yes Yes