Franking machines are one way for small to medium sized businesses and the public sector to reduce the cost of postage costs against the Royal Mails standard rates. Although cost savings are achieved, there are many other additional meter charges to consider, as well as long term contracts. Hybrid mail is an alternative solution which reduces postage costs, has no hidden charges and is contract free!

Many Franking Machine contracts come with a multi-year contract, so not only do you have the upfront meter purchase to consider, but also a long-term contract. Unless you are certain how many mail items you will send in the next few years, how wise is a long-term contract?

Other hidden Franking Machine costs include charges for not using the machine (!) called a dormant fee, additional charges for not have sufficient funds and a charge for paying electronically. Hybrid mail provides a simple subscription and pricing model, what you see is what you get, and postage is paid per item as you send it. It’s as simple as that.

The biggest franking machine cost is the service contract fee which is normally more than the rental of the machine. Many UK Mail customers have already switched from franking to hybrid mail ditching their franking machines, in some cases mothballing the machines, as the savings on hybrid mail more than cover the dormant meter.

Contract free

There are no long term contracts needed to use UK Mails hybrid mail solution. Our simple subscription model provides a contract free approach to sending mail. If you no longer want to use the hybrid mail solution, just give us 30 days’ notice.

We believe that sending mail should be as simple, easy and cost effective.

Our four levels of subscriptions range start from a free and then change depending on your own requirements. We will never be more than 50% of your current rental and service charges, that’s our promise  

No Hidden Charges

When you send an item using UK Mails hybrid mail solution, it is uniquely printed in the heart of our postal operation. We securely print and post the item, handing over to Royal Mail for delivery. No third parties mean lower costs which we pass onto you in the simple pricing.

Simple pricing

Our pricing is simple, long-term contract free and gets better the more mail you send.

Our simple to use print driver or drag and drop software provides you with the same tools that our corporate clients have used for years, all at a simple item cost starting from *42p.

You know our UK Mail brand, we have delivered mail items to you most weeks since 2004. Now part of DPDHL group we can continue to provide our clients with the best software and prices long into the future,

And unique to UK Mail we have the largest team of SME postal experts ready to transform the way you send mail. Ready to save money? Get in touch today…

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