Stamp collectors and postal enthusiasts know that the world’s first adhesive postal stamp was issued in great Britain on 1st May 1890. The Penny Black stamp featured a profile and Queen Victoria and cost one penny.

Although steeped in our countries history, buying a stamp no longer has the prestige it once held in society. To be honest, the visit to the post office is an inconvenience when you could be doing much more with your time.

Penny Black Stamp

Mail is a valued and trusted communication tool which is why you are still buying stamps to send your important letters. But snap forward to the 21st century and there is a much quicker, safer, and cheaper way to send your post, so cancel the trip to the Post Office, grab a cuppa and read on…

UK Mails, hybrid mail solution is the savvy way to send your post. You simply upload the letter to our web interface, or use a Print Driver to send the item directly to our print centre, which is at the heart of our Postal operation, and we will print and process the item for you then handing over to Royal Mail who will do the doorstep delivery. 

Hybrid Mail Experts

UK Mail were the first Hybrid Mail solution of its type and have grown and innovated since then to provide the best simplest way of sending and fastest delivery times. Gone are the days of buying stamps, in are the days of sitting back and letting us do the graft.

Being part of the Deutsche Post Group provides peace of mind that we know our stuff when it comes to post. Backed by years of experience, we’re innovative but not a start-up!

You will have seen our “UK Mail” stamp on much of your mail as we handle post for some of the UKs largest customers. But size doesn’t matter, as we provide the same level of care and attention to every post item no matter your organisations size.

Highest levels of security

Our hybrid mail solution is the UKs only fully integrated print and postal operation, which operates in a ISO27001 environment and with a baking grade data centre. We are secure, your post is secure. You can be rest assured your mail is safe with UK Mail digital.

“Forget Stamps – I’m using hybrid mail, but how!?”

Our team UK postal experts are on hand ready to assist with your first mailing or to simply answer questions about our services. Call us now on 02477 711 400 and lets chat.

If you would prefer us to email you then leave a message on our contact page below and let us know a little bit about your postal usage and we’ll get the right person to contact you – we constantly monitor the inbox so you will get a reply within an hour or so (or first thing the next working day).

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We have always found the service to be efficient and reliable. We are well supported by a conscientious and easily contactable Head of Public Sector and the UK Mail Digital team who ensure any issues are promptly handled and resolved. UK Mail really understands our business and priorities around year-end mailing and helps us achieve them.

Howard Lazarus / Bridgend County Borough Council 
Sector: Public