UK Mail proudly announce 7Billion Mailmark® transactions since its inception in 2015, powered by Fluence Automation’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode management technology, providing its customers with the latest mail sorting technology, supporting the clients’ management of both transactional and direct mail postings.

7bn transactions is a fantastic achievement for the team, and Fluence Automation has consistently provided great delivery standards, underpinned by the high address reading/Mailmark® rates. The multi-million pound extension of our support contract recognises this and further highlights the commitment of UK Mail to the future of the Mail market.

Chris Mangham COO UK Mail

Mailmark®, the next generation of mail, provides the most efficient and lowest cost postal service within the Royal Mail network. Barcodes printed on the envelope allow automated sortation and walk sequencing on Royal Mail machines as well as supply chain reporting of mail quality. UK Mail systems, coupled with Fluence Automation’s (OCR) technology, read and validate the printed address, applies the Mailmark® barcode to the letter, and sort the letters to 86 different selections at speeds of up to 30,000/hr.

As a result, UK Mail and Fluence Automation have just extended their technology and engineering partnership for 5 years, investing together in the Mail market for its future success.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated over years of our partnership, be it SLA performance, read rates or tightly integrated end-to-end software (Netsort and Sabre), and this contract is evidence of our joint commitment, alongside UK Mail, to the ongoing development of UK’s mail market.

Mike Swift CEO Fluence Automation

Article re-posted with the permission of UK Mail