If you have your own in house mailing facility you probably have inserters, printers and a Royal Mail business account for bulk postage – you may even have a Down Stream Access account already! If this sounds like you, UK Mails tailor-made bulk post solutions could provide real cost savings as well as service enhancements…

Alongside providing printing and mailing services, UK Mails core business is the collection and delivery of post from our clients, collecting from small businesses and larger corporate businesses alike. We are trusted by some of the UKs best known banking and ecommerce brands to handle their important mail.

We collect mail from our client’s in house print operations, or outsourced mailing house, providing both unsorted and sorted mail handing services. UK Mail has significant expertise in analysing, on-boarding and managing bulk volumes of mail through our nationwide postal collection operation.

We then hand over to Royal Mail who provide the final mile delivery. With the most secure integrated postal operation of its type we help clients with their own mailing house operations to send their mail in the most optimal and cost effective route.


Alongside our presorted and unsorted UK mailing services we also provide International mail services. Being part of the Deutsche Post Group provides unrivalled access to global postal networks at great rates.

Our postal collection and delivery services have consistently been market leading providing almost 100% service delivery.

You will have seen our “UK Mail” stamp on mail you receive at home as we handle post for some of the UKs largest banks and Public Sector bodies. But size doesn’t matter, as we provide the same level of care and attention to every post item no matter your business size.

Highest levels of security

Our bulk mail collections operate in an ISO27001 environment which a banking grade data centre. All mail items are barcoded and tracked through our postal network before handing over to Royal Mail who provide the final mile delivery. We are secure, your post is secure. You can rest assured. 

“Forget Stamps – I’m using hybrid mail, but how!”

Our team UK bulk postal experts are on ready to assist with your first mailing or to simply answer questions about our bulk mail services. Call us now on 02477 711 400 and lets chat.

If you would prefer us to email you then leave a message on our contact page below and let us know a little bit about your postal usage and we’ll get the right person to contact you – we constantly monitor the inbox so you will get a reply within an hour or so (or first thing the next working day).