As society adapts to the new modern age, more and more organisations are switching to contemporary and innovative communication methods. The concept of adapting to recent times often means that traditional communication channels are neglected and overlooked. Physical mail has always been an effective channel that consumers deem to be trustworthy, but sadly many businesses have become uninformed of the advantages of using mail.

Direct mail helps to boost engagement rates

Let’s face it, nothing beats the feeling of receiving new mail through the door; the excitement and curiosity to know what’s within the envelope. Unlike email, that can be dismissed by a click of a button, physical mail is more likely to be kept within your customers home, resulting in a subtle reminder that they can come back to at any given time.

The majority of mail can be tailored and customised to your audience, meaning that organisations can create attractive letters that their target audience want to receive and read. Direct mail that is personal to the recipient leaves a lasting impression on your customers, making them more likely to identify and remember your brand.

People enjoy opening mail

It’s safe to say that most people enjoy opening letters, primarily if it is specifically intended for them. Physical mail is a personal form of communication, meaning recipients are more likely to open them than email. This means that whatever you are trying to communicate with your customers, they will most likely take the time read it. It is unproductive to connect with your users via a channel that they don’t care to open. Utilising physical mail will ensure that you can have meaningful communications with your customers and ensure that your business receives results.

Customers favour direct mail

To put it simply, direct mail is deemed to be more “trustworthy” than email, especially when dealing with sensitive material. Whether it be marketing mail or business mail, consumers tend to trust and perceive physical mail to be more reliable than other communication forms. It is vital to communicate sensitive documents, and any additional information, with your customers safely and confidentially. Brands that use a dedicated channel of communication are understood to be more dependable, and it allows consumers to depict which brands they should and shouldn’t trust.

QR codes make mailing simple and easy

Sending direct mail can sometimes be a long, daunting process, especially if you’ve got many letters to send out, that’s where QR codes come in. QR codes are a great way to mail to your customers in a more comfortable and time-efficient manner.

These codes are generated for each of your intended recipients that can later be reused any time a brand needs to send direct mail to their clients, without having to type out their address each time manually. With the current state of the world, businesses must remain as cost-effective and agile as possible, QR codes have helped transform the mailing process to be as simple as possible.