Transactional mail can sometimes be underestimated, and, rather than being sent to multiple recipients, this form of mail is sent to just one individual at a time. Transactional mail covers any mail that does not have any marketing purposes and has a wide range of applications from invoices to welcome mail.

Common transactional mail uses

  1. Thanking customers

This is a simple yet very effective way to build rapport between brands and consumers. By thanking customers, businesses can add a personal touch to their communications, helping develop greater loyalty from them.

  1. Sending invoices

Invoices are a formal and vital example of transactional mail that is sent out without marketing intent. This form of transactional mail allows businesses to maintain a clear paper record of recent transactions by sending invoices to their customers as a precaution.

  1. Welcoming new customers

Welcoming new customers is of the most significant transactional mail uses and are sent out after they have signed up/ purchased from a brand. Greeting new clients in a personalised and customised way is one of the most straightforward techniques to build a trusting relationship between company and consumer.

How does transactional mail work?

Often businesses will use outdated franking machines to send out a