So you need a franking machine? But do you? With the move to a digital era, franking machines have their uses but are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. We review some growing hindrances below costing businesses a small fortune and wasting valuable time and resources.

Continue reading for some eye-watering truths about Franking Machines and why switching to hybrid mail for your letters, business mail and direct mail to name a few, will offer you everything a franking machine does, plus much more.

It’s time to relinquish those franking machines today.

Franking Machine Draw Backs

Do you currently own a franking machine? Or are you renewing your lease? You may have arrived here to find posting consumables or ink. Stop what you’re doing a read the downsides to franking machines before you spend any more money!


The lease of your machine alone costs a pretty penny and includes a volume commitment. The machine ink alone costs 3x more than gold mg for mg. You’ll be paying for the pleasure of mailing before you’ve even sent anything… shock horror.

Space and Size

You need an allotted space for your franking machine, depending on your volume of mail and the specification of the machine, this could take up space that can be used more wisely.

The team you appoint for mailing and the space they take up could be avoided, and we swing back around to the cost-saving element.

Managing stock

Managing stock levels of paper, ink and envelopes is a task in itself, but someone has got to do it. It’s tedious and time-consuming, it’s costly and we come back to the space it takes to keep this stock in-house.

Rate Changes

The rates for Royal Mail change ad hoc, meaning you really have to keep two steps ahead of the game.

The moment it changes, if you haven’t updated your franking or mailmark franking machine, then your mail isn’t going anywhere, the machines are turned off, and to make matters worse this can be done remotely, totally out of control.


So your machine breaks down, now what? You can’t send anything out until an engineer can repair it, and parts may be needed. How long can that mailing wait? Probably not even a day’s delay.

Where is your account manager?

You have a problem, who do you call? Can you reach them? Do they engage and sympathise with your issues? Do they offer a solution in quick time?

It’s often very difficult to get same-day responses from your account management team resulting in you suffering for that bit longer.

Missing the last post

You don’t have to put up with that anymore, or even embark on these drawbacks with the time-saving, space-saving, cost-saving, most convenient and efficient way of sending the physical post.

Hybrid Mail Advantages

Let’s keep it frank, or hybrid, there are so many benefits but here are the main examples of advantages you can benefit from by switching to hybrid mail to streamline your mailing process.

  • You can start mailing today
  • You can begin straight away, no contracts
  • You can send however many or however few letters or direct mail items as often as you like
  • You can start slashing your mailing costs right now
  • You can choose imail comms to take care of all of this unnecessary pain and upheaval that a franking machine gives you.

Save on valuable resources and time while slashing your mailing costs by more than half, while we print and post your mail.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out how you can benefit from our hybrid mailing solution.

Need more info? You can find it here in our white paper press release to dig deeper into those cost-saving benefits.

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