First off, you could use your franking machine for letters and packages, but for the purposes of this exercise, we’re going to focus on the price of your letter post, your costs, and a possible substitute for lowering your outgoings on your post.

Let’s assume that you use your franking machine each month to send 1000 letters. A Royal Mail Franked letter would cost you £0.79. That’s a total of £790 which doesn’t include the cost of the franking equipment, annual maintenance and manual staff labour. 79p is the franking impression printed on the envelope alone. Based on that one cost, we know that you could save 26%. Wow!

Let me tell you, if I walked into a showroom and saw a car I’ve been dreaming of with 26% off, I wouldn’t be walking out of the shop, I’d be driving!

According to our calculations, the average cost to mail a coloured letter through your franking machine is £2.14. The cost of postage, paper, envelopes, printing ink, and other unaccounted-for expenses are all included in this amount when estimating the cost of mailing for your company.

Although we are aware that owning a franking machine has advantages, we would like you to consider that there is a more effective approach to sending out physical mail. The link below will explain how you can save on your mailing costs and why utilising imail comms instead of a franking machine will help you when sending letters and direct mail.

Whitepaper - Is it time to ditch your Franking Machine_Page_01

What can you save?

Up to 61% on letters alone by switching to imail comms today. Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from that?

It costs just 58p plus VAT to send one letter with imail comms, no hidden cost, no contracts and absolutely no faff.

It’s time to switch your mail volume to imail comms.