Is a franking machine the right choice?

A franking machine is a device that enables you to streamline the process of postage, providing you with an inhouse, pre-paid postage solution. Depending on your chosen machine, you can send single letters or utilise a mailroom where you can send many different items. Hybrid mail, on the other hand, is a digital mailing solution that is directly connected to postal service providers, which allows you to upload and send important documents via the comfort of your desktop or laptop.


Franking Machine

One of the main benefits of using a franking machine is how time affective this mailing procedure is. An important feature of most franking machines is that they can automatically download and update the latest postage rates based upon the weight, size and thickness of your mail, ensuring that you rarely overpay or underpay for postage.

Many franking machines also come with an envelope auto-seal and an automatic envelope stacking feature that enables your business to save time and maximise the efficiency and productivity in your workplace. Your organisation can quickly print, package and post important mail in the comfort of your own workspace, whilst simultaneously freeing up valuable staff time. An easy and convenient way to send mail inhouse.

However, as anyone who owns a printer will tell you, one of the major expenses of using a franking machine is the cost of ink, which will need to be regularly bought. Even though franking machines process mail quickly, it is also important to note that users must be trained correctly and all the elements required must be at your disposal for this process to work efficiently.

Hybrid Mail

Various businesses are choosing to switch over to a digitalised mailing solution to send their invoices and other important documents in an environmental and cost-saving manner. Hybrid mail solutions are integrated with postal service providers that will print, package and post your mail for you, whilst you remain in the comforts of your own space.

Offering an easy to use and completely flexible system, this digital postal solution takes away the need for having mountains of paper and envelopes, rather, everything is done online, directly with postal companies, to help reduce the waste of precious resources and staff time.

By removing the need for manual tasks and tiresome processes, you can open up new opportunities to manage your workforce more efficiently and to prioritise other projects. This release of pressure provides your business with an opportunity to invest in future solutions that can help further improve both your acquisition and retention strategies.

Every organisation has different needs, so it is important to note that not every solution will be what is needed for your business. Both hybrid mail and franking machines offer great results and are both equally beneficial. Picking the right process for your business mainly depends on how much your business prioritises mailing, along with how regularly you intend to mail. The use of franking machines is a very traditional approach to mailing, but can often come with a steep price tag which may be unsuitable for smaller businesses, or ones that do not have high postage rates. On the other, the streamlined nature of hybrid mail means that it can be accessed and utilised at any time, but is often seen as an investment for companies that may not always be as cost-effective in the short run.