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*Savings made when comparing a franked stamp to imail comms hybrid mail letter cost.

Why does it work?

After requesting a comparison of mailing methods, we’ll reach out to ask you a handful of questions about your business and goals. We’ll ask about the types of traffic channels you’re currently using, what your business goals are for the year, and what your communication strategy looks like for the year.

If our services don’t fit your company’s needs we will recommend Franking Machine suppliers. If we match then we’ll evaluate whether your company is ready to convert to hybrid mail services. We work with numerous organisations just like yours, and we have assisted businesses in order to save time and money.

The review is completely free of charge. After you’ve been presented with your options and decided to switch to a Hybrid Mail provider. imail comms will be in touch to help you implement your new mailing method.

If you choose not to go ahead at this moment in time be sure to connect with us on Linkedin to keep us on your radar for future developments.

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“Using imail comms for our printing of marketing literature and pet owner reminders means that the items produced are beautiful, impactful and high quality, and this increases the shelf life within a recipient’s home or office.”

Representative, Global Animal Health Organisation

Compare Franking Machine Prices