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Hybrid Mail

Did you know that hybrid mail can save your business up to 50% on your current mailing costs?

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Sending hybrid mail is now easier than ever before.

Hybrid Mail allows you to streamline the creation and distribution of your physical mail.

Our easy to use system provides you with the convenience of handling all the documents you would print and send in-house with just a click of a button.

Step One

Create your document

To get started, design and create a mail document that you would like to send to your recipients. You can create your document as a PDF or simply as a word document.

Step Two

Upload your data list

Upload your data list with your intended recipient’s names and addresses onto our imail system. This data will let us know who and where you’d like your mail to be delivered.

Step Three

Submit your mail

The final step is to submit your mail documents to us via your preferred method. Your options are, our online portal, print client, SFTP or API. After submission, we will post your mail in just 1-2 days.

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The efficient approach to sending hybrid mail

Hybrid Mail helps your business to optimise the way you send your outbound mail

Cost Saving

With Hybrid Mail, you could save up to 50% compared to traditional mailing methods.

Safe and Secure

All your data is securely handled and processed so you can send critical information safely.

Ultimate flexibility

Scale up your printing and sending during peak periods for your business from anywhere in the world.

Easy Set-Up

Our Hybrid Mail System installation is seamless so that you can start easily sending mail in no time.

hybrid mail

Send hybrid mail from anywhere.

No matter where you are, all you have to do is simply upload your document and data list, and we’ll print and pack your mail ready for final mile delivery by Royal Mail within 48 hours.

For added peace of mind, you can even track your letters as they move through our network.

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Commonly asked questions

How secure is my data when using imail?

At imail we use 256-bit SSL security as standard, and each of our users are username and password protected.

All documents are securely encrypted before being sent from your computer to our imail print location, where insertion and sortation is performed by state of the art equipment.

What happens to mail that cannot be delivered?

All envelopes carry an imail central return address. Undelivered or returned items are sent to our returns management centre, where they are scanned. You can then view a PDF of returned items on the imail web portal within the ‘My Reports’ section of Account Admin.

The returned mail items are then securely disposed of by us.

How much does imail cost and how can I pay?

We offer a range of flexible payment methods to suit your business’s requirements. The ‘Pay as you post’ enables you to pay by debit or credit card. The ‘Top up’ service allows you to deposit an amount for future use, which is more convenient than entering credit card details every time. To manage larger or more frequent mailings, you may prefer to open a credit account.

How do I know my hybrid mail has been received and posted?

Once you have completed your mail document and uploaded it, you will receive an on-screen confirmation. The sent order will also be visible in the ‘My Archive’ area of your imail interface, where you can track the status of your mail.

For any pre-scheduled mailings you will automatically receive a confirmation email that your mail has been successfully processed.

What print options are available?

All mailings can be printed as mono (black ink only) or in full colour and can be single-sided or double-sided (duplex printing).

imail users also benefit from advanced document solutions, including barcoding and ‘Optical Mark Recognition’ systems, ensuring complete mail integrity and consistency.

We use high-specification commercial printers, ensuring quality and consistent print finish that you can rely on

Can I send international mail?

We currently only deliver mail within the UK, but we are currently developing our international imail service.

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