imail engage

imail engage

Automate your marketing campaigns.

imail engage is a customer engagement and marketing software that improves your customers experience throughout their entire journey.

Our software allows you to create, manage, trigger and optimise marketing campaigns and communications across multiple channels based on your customer’s actions.

Reach your customers at every touchpoint.

imail engage uses data management to trigger rich and powerful personalised content to your customers through mediums like direct mail, SMS, email and landing pages.

Send out content to your customers that include unique QR codes and pURLs to direct each consumer to their own custom page- building a stronger connection between you and your clients.

Imail engage can even link to your CRM to create a 360 trigger-house of customer interaction and optimal experience.

Transform and optimise your marketing process.

Consumers are exposed to hundreds of marketing materials each day. That’s why it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Sending personalised content and conversations to your customers helps build trust, leading to a significant increase in your conversion rates.

Reach users wherever they are on their customer journey by implementing personal triggers at every touchpoint.

Improve customer relations by communicating with them uniquely and personally via trusted channels such as Direct Mail.

Quickly set up and have your campaigns running to engage with customers without the need for extensive training.

Build stronger campaigns by connecting all your customer data with imail engage to offer a better-personalised experience.

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