imail view

imail view

Most businesses regularly send mail to their customers, but if you don’t have an efficient mail handling system in place, this mail can sit unopened and even get misplaced.

Digitalising your mailing process is one of the easiest ways to improve your business’ efficiency. At imail, we offer a digital mail portal known as imail view that allows businesses to streamline and manage their mail communications with just a click of a button.

Digitise, Centralise And Simplify Your Mail.

With imail view, businesses can digitally track and manage the mail that they have sent. Both your staff and recipients can access the portal to view and manage their mail.

Imail view allows you to send your mail to your recipients digitally, and they will be able to view your mail document on our digital portal.

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All in one document management

Many businesses require the documents sent to their clients to be archived for up to seven years.

With the help of imail view, your business can effortlessly store, recall, and access all your mail documents at any moment.

Cost Savings

Traditional mailrooms require a lot of time and effort to operate. Our online portal takes away the need for a physical mailroom, equipment and dedicated staff. Instead, everything is fulfilled online, reducing the overall costs of a mailroom.

Improved Customer Service

With imail View, you can streamline your customer communications and overall customer experience.

With just a click of a button, your customers can view mail, make a quick response and even have a reply from you in no time.

Improving security

With human error being the leading cause of lapses in security, it is crucial for your business to implement a secure, reliable system.

Switching over to our digital portal will eliminate security risks by simply removing the need for manual processes.

How it works- Manage your documents all in one place.

Every time you send mail, imail view will create and archive a digital copy of that document so you can view it later on.

Archiving your mail online allows your business to easily access and manage your mail with just a click of a button. Your staff can also search the archive effortlessly, which is determined by the defined indexes or search criteria set beforehand.

Imail view offers businesses some of the most essential content management functionality, granting control and management for all mail communication.

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