Looking for a Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA)?

Manage your mailroom using imail comms.

Royal Mail utilise an Online Business Account (OBA) that allows customers to manage and pay their bills for Royal Mail services online.

If your business sends mail through a Royal Mail OBA, then you should consider imail comms as an alternative avenue.

  • No more paperwork
  • Submit mail until 18:00 every working day
  • Submit mail multiple times
  • Avoid large letter confusion

Alternative to Royal Mail’s Mail Collection Service

No more paperwork

If you currently have your mail collected, then you will know what there is a minimum amount of paperwork required for Royal Mail collection service.

If paperwork is a burden for you, then you can look to eliminate this part of the process by submitting your mail directly to our imail comms servers for maximum efficiency and speed.

Send mail multiple times a day

With Royal Mail you arrange for you collection time. Yes you can have relief collections but that requires paperwork. It’s also a bit of hassle to collect mail from lots of different sources.

We provide a online portal that allows anyone, anywhere within your business to submit mail any time of the day.

Submit mail until 18:00 everyday

We’ve provided you with one of the largest windows to submit mail. All mail submitted before 18:00 will be processed and handed over into the network for the last mile to be delivered by Royal Mail.

imail hybrid

See how much you could save with imail comms

imail hybrid clients typically save in the region of 50% on current mailing costs when switching from traditional methods. Use our calculator to work ourt how much you’ll save by switching to imail, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Help with Franking

Avoid Large Letter Confusion

The cost of sending large letters is difficult to predict if your staff are not trained to be aware of the different in paper weight and size. Underpaying on postage will result in your letters not being delivered.

It’s simple with imail comms, where you can cap what users can send and agree a large letter rate if you’re sending regular large letter communications.

Staff Training

A sudden increase in volume at peaks times can trigger mistakes. There is no reason to increase staff during these busiest periods if your mail volume increases.

With imail comms the volume of mail sent can fluctuate to suit your business and your team. There are no penalties or extra charges to consider.

No need for separate trays

Find yourself mixing up stacks of printed letters and using the wrong Royal Mail franking mark?

When you upload your letter and data file to imail comms, the mail is manage automatically and processed according to its address. We can take the stress and risk out of sending both UK and International letters.

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