Release Notes

  • Interim update to cover issues relating to GMT offset

    Published On: April 4th, 2023

    PCO BUG 413 – Report Generator – Reports – times displayed in UTC

    PCO – PBI1630 – Alter lead sheet to display GMT rather than UTC 

  • Updates to cover PCO admin front end improvements, back end bug fixes and upgrades and the inclusion of the Mailmark service.

    Published On: March 23rd, 2023

    iMail 2.0 – PBI1267 – Mailroom – Remove bottom transport buttons – Removed buttons. Updated Autolink exe and version number. 

    iMail 2.0 – PBI737 – Additional Misc Fixes – Altered date column in mailroom to match date picker 

    iMail 2.0 – PBI737 – Additional Misc Fixes – Fix warning in mailmerge helper 

    imail 2.0 – BUG1279 – Create Blazor Pdf Viewer using Adobe Embed Api, and replace instances of Telerik Pdf Viewer  

    PCO – BUG826 – Fix Postcard Reprint process for individual cards 

    PCO – PBI 627 – PCO Dashboard – Batch Monitor screen -  remove Rate, Colour, Full Bleed and Product from the headers  

    PCO – PBI 638 – PCO Dashboard – Operations – print manager defaulted to Admail when selecting Livingston (Admail)  

    PCO – PBI 625 – PCO Dashboard – Batch Monitor screen – remove the buttons Combine and Release, Release Selected  

    PCO – PBI 672 – MAILMARK Reconciliation Service 

    Postcoder update – all servers will be updated. 

  • Update covering bug fixes and front end improvements.

    Published On: February 24th, 2023

    iMail 2.0 – PBI1238 – Mailroom – Add “release all” functionality and text to pending screen – Added select all button to command bar. 

     PCO – PBI1189 – Split Api – Increase acceptable split file size to 300MB – Fix middleware response on kestrel  

    PCO – BUG1206 – PCO Admin – Batch Configuration – Change Postcard Laminate flag doesn’t work or causes exception. (This is a change we had to make to send all postcards to LAM as requested by Guy and Kasia) 

  • Update covering various bug fixes and improvements.

    Published On: January 17th, 2023

    PCO – PBI 332 Returns Report not working