Marketing Comms

Marketing Communications, aka Marcom, is paramount to every business, whether new or established. Done correctly, effectively, and economically increases customer engagement, drives sales and inevitably results in growth for any business.

Through various mediums, marketing communications allows your business to convey your message. This approach encourages clients to make purchasing decisions while building relationships and brand awareness

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Direct Mail

If your business doesn’t already use direct mail to advertise to your clients, now is the time for a change. The benefits are unique compared to other methods of marketing communication, it’s physical, personal, measurable and highly targeted which can be creative and engaging for your audience.

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If you’re looking to get your message out quickly on a budget, then it’s time to look at email messages. Communicate to your customers whether your budget is big or small with email marketing.


Go straight to the device that your customer is most likely to have in their hand. For urgent or time-sensitive comms, SMS provides you with a platform to quickly connect.


You can save time and boost all your marketing channels by developing automation. Integrate your transactional mail and direct mail to work as one and develop smart targeted campaigns.

Business Mail

Business Mail plays an essential role for any business, offering many benefits for its recipients and the business itself. A high percentage of people agree that physical mail is more credible than emails, which explains why business mail has a higher rate of engagement in comparison to other methods of communication.

In a world where online scamming and phishing exists, business mail creates trust and builds relationships to reassure the more vulnerable recipients. Conveying business updates, changes and new ideas carefully through business mail take the pressure off customer service teams and allows a platform for cross-selling.

If you’re unsure about what falls under the umbrella of business mail, review the list below.

  • Letters

  • Bills

  • Customer updates

  • Invoices

  • Fines

  • Plus so much more…