Print Client User Guide

Once you’ve followed the instructions and Print Client has been installed. The last window asks you if you want to send a PDF to imail.

If you say yes you will be taken straight to a new window which will ask you to select your file.

We recommend deselecting this option and closing down the window.

Installation Complete.

Start here…

In order to send your first item, open up your word processor or PDF viewer.

Step 1: Click File > Print.

Step 2: You’ll need to change your printer choose to ‘imail Printer’

Your settings should be:

  • Collated
  • Portrait Orientation
  • A4 21cm x 29.7cm

A new window will pop open. Please make sure you are logged in using the details shared with you via email. Your balance is visible within this application window.

Step 3: Make sure the address sits within the green box.

The green box indicates where the address should be placed. If your address sits outside this area. Cancel and adjust accordingly. Note that no other text can be in the green box unless it forms part of the recipient’s address.

Now your address is in the right location you need to select your delivery choices.

Customise your mailing…

Delivery Options

Standard: Cut off for standard delivery is 6pm Mon-Fri. Delivery time for mail is 2-3 days.

Premium: Cut off for premium delivery is 3pm Mon-Fri. Delivery time for mail is 1-2 days.

Mail Type

Single Letter: Choose this option if you are printing a single letter.

Mail Merge: If you have a mail merge, select how you would like the document split.

Split every # side(s): If every document has the same amount of pages you can split by ‘Number of Sides’

Insert Number:

Add the number of pages you would like the document to be split. For example 2 would split the document every two pages.


Split by Keyword: You can apply a text box on your document with a unique reference included. This will be targeted in order to trigger when the document will be split.

Co-ordinates: Type co-ordinate or draw a box on your document where your unique reference has been placed.

Keyword: Type in the keyword that will be found inside the co-ordinates.

Colour Management

Colour: Prints your document in colour

B&W: Prints your document in black and white


Attach f