Digital Critical Communication within Public Sectors

UK Mail successfully supports a number of customers in the Public Sector, offering a secure and agile solution. Allowing critical communications to be sent within timely SLAs. Our inbound scanning compliments outbound communications with a fully bespoke software solution to digitise inbound mail and document management. With security at the forefront of everything we do, UK Mail’s digital solutions offer a GDPR compliant, all-around document management solution.

Crown Commercial Services

If you or your organisation are looking for a solution for your transactional mail requirements, the CCS framework is a great direction to take.

All public sector organisations are given the flexibility to source a fully managed, end-to-end digital mail solution. This solution can include; storage, fulfilment and distribution, postal dispatch & scanning. The CCS framework offers an easy and efficient way to a straightforward route to market with pre-approved suppliers.

Digitalise your Critical Communications

At UK Mail, we offer a solution that can be duplicated across different departments within Local Authority’s. This means that multiple departments can send critical communications either in bulk or individually from their desktops, allowing a smoother, more cohesive communication within departments.

Our unique systems allow staff to communicate Critical Documents with each other on a fully integrated platform that is easy to use and that does not require an abundance of resources- enabling you to become more agile, yet stay cost-effective.

Benefits of Digital Critical Communication

It’s no secret that physical bulk mail comes with a steep price. At UK Mail, we can aid Public Sector departments digitally transform in a cost-effective, accelerated rate, whilst also remaining eco-friendly by decreasing carbon footprint and increase green credentials.

By streamlining the communication process with the use of our Digital Critical Communications system, each department will be able to communicate more efficiently, in a manner that is significantly cheaper than traditional postal methods.

With the help of UK Mail, we can aid you in freeing up time for your staff to focus on core activities, rather than spending hours communicating with other departments, which can also dramatically use up valuable resources that could have been used elsewhere.

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