imail construct

imail construct

Transform your data for stronger customer communication

Imail construct is an innovative software solution that enables your business to construct documents using data and visual assets that are stored securely on our servers or which you submit on the fly allowing you to keep your current communication documents up to date.

Improve your customer communication by renewing your communication documents and data

Renewing old communication documents can be highly time-consuming. Imail Construct has been developed to extract and re-engineer all of your data required to meet your business’s needs in real time and without the need for developer resource.

Imail Construct can enhance and improve all your communications to deliver a better, more coherent customer interaction across all channels.

Streamline the creation and distribution of documents to your customers

Imail Construct makes it easy for your business to produce and deliver accurate, personalised correspondence. Sending a cohesive message across all channels plays a critical role in maintaining and improving your customer relationship.

Imail Construct lets you pull data from multiple databases and applications simultaneously to deliver a customised message for each customer. Imail Construct also allows unlimited users to change and edit documents for a more seamless document creation process.

Automate the build of your communications

Out-dated communication processes can result in negative customer experiences or even be non-compliant. Automating your communication can help you deliver a better customer experience alongside many other benefits.

Save Time and Money

Imail Construct grants users immediate access to documents and data and eliminates time-consuming manual tasks, allowing users to concentrate on essential tasks.

Imail Construct automates your systems to save you time that staff would have been spent compiling document packages with just a touch of a button.

Unlimited users

Users can make changes and updates on a document for it to be reviewed and approved at anytime. Collaboration makes resolving any errors easier and helps to move your projects forward quicker.

Increased Security

When handling and storing users data, its crucial that businesses protect all information. Automated data systems grant you complete control over who can access this data and what they can obtain for ultimate security.

Regulatory Compliance

It can sometimes be difficult to ensure all your data meets the constantly changing compliance requirements. Automating your systems allows you to easily and efficiently update your data and documents so your business is always be compliant.

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