What is a Franking Machine?

Franking provides you with an inhouse, pre-paid postage solution. Depending on your chosen machine, you can send single letters or utilise a mail room where you can send many different items.

Is a Franking Machine the right choice?

Time Efficient?

Franking machines processes mail quickly, if the user is trained correctly and all the elements required are at your disposal.

Manage spend?

When reviewing your spend, it is important to take into account more than just the potential postage savings. Most do not consider the cost of your staff’s time, paper, envelopes, delivery charges, machine rental, or all of the postage costs.


Yes, there are no restrictions on what you can send through your machine, should you purchase the wrong machine you may see increased costs, or you may, without realising, run out of the most basic material, paper!


The finished article is professional. How about going one step further and really impress your staff and clients by improving your overall mail process with our alternative solution, Hybrid Mail.

Franking vs Hybrid Mail

What ‘s required to start Franking?

  1. Choose the right franking machine.
  2. Agree on a lease term
  3. Apply for a licence
  4. Arrange Credit
  5. Buy your postage
  6. Purchase Paper, Ink Envelopes
  7. Arrange for collection or deliver mail

What’s required to start sending Hybrid Mail?

  1. Upload your template & letter
  2. Upload CSV recipients
  3. Click send to release mail
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Franking Machine

Hybrid Mail

Use stamps for low volume

If your volume is low, it may be cheaper to utilise stamps.

Applying too much postage

If you’re not familiar with the costs of postage or recent Royal Mail price increases, you may find yourself underpaying or overpaying.

No min or max volumes

Send one letter, 1000 or more. No matter what your quantity is, our systems allows you to send mail at your own pace.

One single rate for postage

We don’t complicate your account. You price for the volume of print is agreed and we stick to this price.

Missed the last post

You need to allow time to get your mail communications into the hands of Royal Mail.

Franking Machine broken down

Franking machines can break. If they do your mail can’t be sent until an engineer arrives or a replacement part is delivered.

24/7 Submissions

Missed the last post? You can submit mail anytime. Using a digital submission you can upload anytime.

Online 24/7 with 99.9% uptime

Our up-time is second to none, and our delivery SLA is even better. Your mail is almost guaranteed to be sent out when you need it.

Ran out of supplies

Managing your own stock is a very time consuming a thankless job. You always need to ensure you have paper, ink, envelopes etc at your disposal. Without one of these elements risks a mailer not being sent out.

Always stocked for any quantity

We don’t run out, therefore you don’t run out. We continually stock our vast warehouse with all the essential supplies.

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